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SifWeld 5 year warranty terms

Weldability Sif warrants its customers that all new sifWELD manual welding and cutting equipment purchased shall be free of failure from defective materials or production for a period of 2 Years from the date of purchase.


This warranty period can be extended to 5 Years from the date of purchase (including the standard warranty period) for customers in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland; or to 3 Years from date of purchase for customers in all other countries, subject to registration of the product at within the first year of purchase, and undergoing annual preventative maintenance servicing with effect from the second year of ownership.


All warranty periods start from the date of purchase from Weldability Sif or an approved sifWELD distributor to the original end user.  The date on the sales invoice is considered the date of purchase for the purpose of the warranty period, or the date of manufacture is used if proof of purchase is not available. Equipment is warranted to the original owner/user customer, and is not transferable.


Subject to the underlying purchase contract, or, failing such, the Weldability Sif general terms and conditions of sale, both the cost of replacement parts and Weldability Sif’s labour expense in correcting defects covered by the warranty, will be assumed by Weldability Sif during the warranty period. Weldability Sif shall in no event be responsible for any direct or indirect damages, third party expenses, as well as any loss of income/revenue, all of which are specifically excluded under this warranty.


The warranty does not cover :  Any defects resulting from normal wear and tear; Improper use; Failure to observe the operating and maintenance instructions; Connection to an incorrect or faulty mains supply; Overloading during use; Any transport or storage damage; External damage such as fire, impact or damage due to natural causes, e.g flooding; Use of unapproved spare or wear parts or replacement parts not supplied by or approved by Weldability Sif; Any modification or alteration of the equipment; or any other circumstances beyond the control of Weldability Sif.  The warranty period is based on a single 8-hour 5-day shift pattern and the extended warranty is not applicable to units that are purchased for rental or hire. Weldability Sif will submit an invoice for any repair work performed outside the scope of the warranty.


Any warranty repair must be performed by Weldability Sif or an Authorised sifWELD Service Centre.  The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and risk associated with items that are returned covered under warranty.  Weldability Sif may opt to refund the purchase price (less any costs and depreciation due to use and wear).  Faults/defects found under warranty should be reported to the Weldability Sif Technical team for review. A warranty claim reference number will be issued and details of the most appropriate Authorised sifWELD Service Centre will be advised, if appropriate.   The customer has no claim to any loan or replacement products whilst repairs are being performed or replacements are being provided.


The decision about repair or replacement of any defective part(s) is made by Weldability Sif.  The replaced part(s) remain(s) property of Weldability Sif.  The warranty extends only to the machine power-source, wire-feed unit and parts contained inside.  No other warranty is expressed or implied, including with regard to the fitness of the equipment for any particular application.


Under the terms of the warranty, welding torches, their consumable parts, wire-feed drive-rolls and guide tubes, work return cables and clamps, electrode holders, connection and extension cables, mains and control leads, plugs, wheels, coolant, etc. are not covered.


The extended warranty is only valid where products have been used strictly in accordance with the operating instructions, all installation guidelines have been implemented, all legal requirements have been observed, regular preventative maintenance has been undertaken and a continuous history of annual servicing has been completed and recorded.   Failure to register the equipment online within 1 year of purchase, or to complete the required annual servicing cycle from year 2, will invalidate the extended warranty period.


Annual preventative maintenance servicing must be arranged and paid-for by the equipment owner/user and carried out by Weldability Sif or an Authorised sifWELD Service Centre, in order to maintain validity of the extended warranty. Service visits can be booked online at or by calling 0870 330 7757 and will be charged at an average of £65 net per hour of travel/servicing time. Please allow an average of 2 hours servicing per machine and one hour each way of travel.


Warranty support is facilitated by our network of Authorised sifWELD Service Centres that provide highly experienced capability and carry-out the professional repair, service and calibration of sifWELD equipment.

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